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Professional Products Typhoon Intake - FOX & SN95 Guide




Here are some pics to give you an idea of the Professional Products Typhoon Intake. The only problem I encountered with this intake related to where to put all the vacuum lines since there is no vacuum tree on the intake.

With some help from people on the Corral, I routed all the vacuums using the parts provided with the intake and the hosing I had connected already, but I did have to buy an extra T valve.

From the fourth pic you can see that I used 1 of the group of 3 rear facing holes to route to the vacuum tree on the firewall, the other 2 holes were plugged.

The fifth pic shows the vacuum line coming out of the rear facing hole near the egr, turning around, and meeting the first T. The left side of the T goes to the FPR, and the right continues to the second T.

In the sixth pic, you can see the second T on the bottom. One side goes to the group of hard vacuum lines, the other continues to make the final vacuum connection near the alternator.

Lastly, the seventh pic shows the 90-degree elbow piece is used on the underside to connect to the PCV. If anyone has questions regarding their install, or is interested in purchasing this intake or any other performance product, please email or call!