Corbeau FAQ

  1. What type of vehicles will corbeau seats fit into?
    • Corbeau brackets are available for every vehicle imaginable. You can find which bracket you need for each seat available using the bracket guide available here. Are there any accessories that can be purchased for my seats?
  2. Are there any accessories that can be purchased for my seats?
    • Corbeau makes lumbar supports that can be inserted into you seat to provide the extra support you are looking for. These are made with an inflatable bag and a line with a pump on the end of it that also has a valve and allows inflation and deflation on demand. Corbeau also makes harness belts in three different styles along with seat belt pads to match, and chrome harness slots for those of you interested in adding a little flash to your seats.
  3. What are the different types of harnesses available, and what can you tell me about them?
    • Corbeau makes a 3-point harness, a 3-point double release harness, and a 4-point harness. These belts are NOT SFI LEGAL as they aren't designed to be and also have no crotch strap, so you must keep that in mind when using them as you won't pass tech in any autocrossing or drag racing events. The double release has a buckle at the over the head point of the belt and a waist buckle.
  4. Are all seats available as singles or must I buy two?
    • All of the adjustable back seats are available only as a pair for the most part, as they are made and shipped in that way, but sometimes one can be bought. Single seat orders may take a long time to ship out and corbeau will not give an estimated time of shipment, so its a real toss up on getting one. Fixed back seats can be ordered as singles because there is no tilt mechanism making the drivers and passenger side the same.
  5. What happened to the Carrera and Targa seat?
    • The Carrera name was changed to the CR1 and the Targa name was changed to the TRS.
  6. I like my car seats so much that I would love to sit in them all the time, what can I do?
    • Corbeau makes an office chair base that allows you to adapt ANY Corbeau seat into an office chair allowing you to enjoy Corbeau seating all day long!
  7. What is the difference between the complete Corbeau brackets and the adapters that are available for much less?
    • The adapters allow you to remove your OEM brackets and bolt them to the adapters which you then bolt to the seats. This allows you to keep your power seat functions and is a lower cost alternative to the corbeau bracket. If you go with the complete Corbeau brackets your seats will sit about 1" lower allowing taller people more head room than by going with the adapters, and also giving you new sliders in case your OEM brackets are broken.