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Corbeau Seat Mounting Brackets - All Vehicles, Click to Order

Mounting Brackets
Browse through our list below to find the bracket to match your vehicle. Bracket category indicates pricing. The price listed is per bracket and the brackets are only designed to work with Corbeau seats, or other brands with bolt pattern of 11 3/8" side to side and 13" front to back, center of bolt to center of bolt.

Please consult our Master Bracket Guide below for your specific application.

Use the "Choose Product Options" button below the price to specify the first letter of the bracket you need, then leave a note in your payment with the exact bracket part number. The price will update based on the increase in price depending on the letter you select for the bracket you need.

Corbeau carries the most comprehensive inventory of custom mounting brackets in the industry. With custom brackets to match 99% of all vehicles, we make installing your Corbeau seats quick and easy. Don't be fooled by companies claiming to have universal brackets for your vehicle. If you want to install seats correctly, and for your own safety and sanity, you must order a custom bracket.

All Seat Bracket part numbers aside from those ending in “NS” will come with Double Locking Sliders. Single Locking Sliders are now discontinued.
Shipping: This item has free shipping when ordered with seats, we will refund your shipping price after processing the order.
Pricing: $159.00

Customize Your Item

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* F Seat Brackets: Bench bracket will accommodate 2 seats (some exceptions)
* NS: No Sliders needed (Mounts to stock sliders)
* Universal Sports Brackets (C22003): These brackets are to be used when custom brackets are unavailable. Can only mount to a flat floor pan.
* Sliders: All brackets come with double locking sliders, except NS brackets and Side Mounts.
* Baja Adapters: Baja Adapters are required on all "Baja" style seats being mounted to Corbeau Brackets or a flat mounting surface. Baja seats have vertical tabs on the bottom for mounting to a roll bar or roll cage. This Baja Adapter will make the bottom mounting surface flat. Please note the Baja RS, XRS and Baja JP do NOT require a Baja Adapter as they are already flat on the bottom. The Baja SS, Baja Ultra SS, Baja Low Back and Baja XP will require the adapter brackets.

ACURA Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
CL 99 D1106 D1107
INTEGRA 85-87 D830 D830
INTEGRA 88-89 D926 D927
INTEGRA 90-93 D962 D963
INTEGRA 94-01 D1050 D1051
LEGEND 86-90 (4 Door) D888 D889
LEGEND 88-90 (2 Door) D934 D935
NSX 91-05 E796 E796
RSX 02-06 E2046 E2047
TL 04+ E2144 E2145
ALFA ROMEO Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
ALFETTA 70-86 D114 D115
GULIE 60-70 D110 D111
GTV D112 D112
SPIDER D116 D116
AMC Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
HORNET 71-77 D108 D109
JAVELIN 69-71 D128 D129
AUDI Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
100 88-91 D942 D943
4000 1/9 D132 D132
5000 83 D138 D139
5000 84-89 D768 D769
A3 6/06+ E2124 E2125
A4 QUATTRO 2.8 96-01 D1200 D1203
A4 QUATTRO EXC 2.8 96-01 D1202 D1203
A4 V5 96-01 D1200 D1201
A4 02-14 E2056 E2057
A6 E2032 E2033
DASHER 8/74+ D132 D132
FOX UP TO 74 D130 D130
FOX 8/74+ D132 D132
QUATTR0 84-89 D768 D769
S4 00-02 D1200 D1201
S4 03-14 E2056 E2057
S6 E2032 E2033
TT QUATTRO 10/01-02 E1312 E1313
UR QUATTRO 8/74+ D132 D132
AVANTI Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
AVANTI E142 E143
BMW Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
1600 68-76 D146 D146
2002 TURBO 68-76 D146 D146
2002 77-89 D146 D146
630 77-89 D146 D146
633 77-89 D146 D146
320 77-89 E150TK E151TK
BRAVARIA 3.0 D152 D153
E3 CHASSIS D152 D153
E23 CHASSIS D156 D156
E24 CHASSIS 84 D154SB D155SB
E24 CHASSIS 630 D146 D146
E24 CHASSIS 628 D146 D146
E24 CHASSIS 633 D146 D146
E24 CHASSIS 633 86-89 E1000 E1001
E24 CHASSIS 635 86-89 E1000 E1001
E24 CHASSIS M5 86-89 E1000 E1001
E24 CHASSIS M6 86-89 E1000 E1001
E30 CHASSIS D158 D159
E32 CHASSIS D672 D673
E36 CHASSIS E1000 E1001
E39 CHASSIS E2158 E2159
E46 CHASSIS E2022 E2023
E82 CHASSIS E2134 E2135
E92 CHASSIS E2134 E2135
F30 CHASSIS E2440 E2441
Z3 E1314 E1315
BUICK Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
APOLLO 75-79 D186 D187
CENTURY 78-87 D182 D182
REGAL 78-87 D182 D182
LESABRE 82-92 D170 D171
REGAL 68-72 (OEM Bucket) D504 D505
GRAND SPORT 68-72 (OEM Bucket) D504 D505
SKYLARK 80+ E180 E181
SKYHAWK 75-81 E190 E191
SKYHAWK 82-90 D202 D203
SOMERSET 84-97 D202 D203
Can-Am Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
MAVERICK X3 2017+ CX317 CX317
CHEVROLET (car) Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
AVEO LS 10/03+ E2092 E2093
BERETTA 88-91 (OEM Bench) E804 E804
BERETTA 88-91 (OEM Bucket) E714 E715
CAMARO 67-69 D204 D205
CAMARO 70-74 D176 D176
CAMARO 75-79 C22034L C22034R
CAMARO 80-81 C22018L C22018R
CAMARO 82-92 C22024L C22024R
CAMARO 93-02 D1068 D1069
CAMARO 10-15 E2156 E2157
CAMARO 2016+ E2168 E2169
CAPRICE 94-96 (Adapts to Stock) D1162NS D1162NS
CAVALIER 82-05 D202 D203
CELEBRITY 82-86 D170 D171
CHEVELLE 64-67 D512 D512
CHEVELLE 68-72 (OEM Bench) D704 D705
CHEVELLE 68-72 (OEM Bucket) D504 D505
CHEVELLE 73-77 (OEM Bench) D748 D749
CHEVELLE 78-87 (OEM Bench) D184 D185
CHEVELLE 78-87 (OEM Bucket) D182 D182
CHEVETTE 78-84 D746 D747
CITATION 80-85 E180 E181
COBALT 04+ E2090 E2091
CORSICA 88-91 E714 E715
CORVAIR 65-68 D106 D106
CORVETTE 63 D164 D164
CORVETTE 64-67 D172 D172
CORVETTE 68 D173 D173
CORVETTE 69-70 D173A D173A
CORVETTE 71-76 D174 D174
CORVETTE 77-82 C22012L C22012R
CORVETTE 83-96 C22057L C22057R
CORVETTE 97-04 E1502 E1503
CORVETTE 05-13 E22052L E22052R
CORVETTE 14+ E1802T E1803T
IMPALA SS 94-96 (Adapts to Stock) D1162NS D1162NS
MALIBU 68-72 (OEM Bench) D704 D705
MALIBU 68-72 (OEM Bucket) D504 D505
MALIBU 73-77 (OEM Bench) D748 D749
MALIBU 78-87 (OEM Bench) D184 D185
MALIBU 78-87 (OEM Bucket) D182 D182
MONTE CARLO 68-72 (OEM Bucket) D504 D505
MONTE CARLO 73-77 (OEM Bucket) D732 D733
MONTE CARLO 78-88 (OEM Bucket) D182 D182
NOVA 63-65 D106 D106
NOVA 66-67 D104 D105
NOVA 68-74 D506 D507
NOVA 75-79 D186 D187
SPECTRUM 84-90 D510 D511
VEGA UP TO 74 E188 E189
VEGA 75-81 E190 E191
CHEVROLET/GMC (truck) Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
ASTROVAN 86-01 (Adapts to Stock) D840NS D840NS
BLAZER 71-80 D192 D192
BLAZER 81-86 D502 D503
BLAZER 87-95 (Adapts to Stock) D914NS D914NS
BLAZER 87-94 C22058L-H C22058R-H
COLORADO 2004-2012 E2098 E2099
CANYON 2004-2012 E2098 E2099
EL CAMINO 64-67 D512 D512
EL CAMINO 68-72 (OEM Bench) D704 D705
EL CAMINO 68-72 (OEM Bucket) D504 D505
EL CAMINO 73-77 (OEM Bench) D748 D749
EL CAMINO 78-87 (OEM Bench) D184 D185
EL CAMINO 78-87 (OEM Bucket) D182 D182
GMC PICKUP 75-78 D530 D531
LUV PICKUP 77-80 D200 D201
LUV PICKUP 89-94 (OEM Bucket) D958 D959
PICKUP 73-87 D196BU D197BU
PICKUP 88-97 (OEM Bucket, Adapts to Stock) D914NS D914NS
PICKUP XT CAB 95-97 D994 D995
S10 BLAZER 83-94 C22033L C22033R
S10 PICKUP 83-92 C22033L C22033R
S10 PICKUP 93-97 D1090 D1091
S10 PICKUP 98-05 E1310 E1311
S15 JIMMY 83-92 C22033L C22033R
S15 PICKUP 83-92 C22033L C22033R
SUBURBAN 63-72 D534 D535
SUBURBAN 73-85 (OEM Bucket) D754 D755
SUBURBAN 73-91 (OEM Bench) F198 BENCH
SUBURBAN 86-91 (OEM Bucket) D824 D825
SUBURBAN 92-97 (Adapts to Stock) D914NS D914NS
SUBURBAN 92-97 D994 D995
VAN 70-85 D194 D194
VAN 93-03 (Adapts to Stock) D1054NS D1054NS
DAIHATSU Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
CHARADE 88+ D902 D903
DODGE (car) Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
ASPEN D706 D707
AVENGER 95-00 D1096 D1097
CHALLENGER 70-75 D760 D761
CHALLENGER 78-81 D692 D693
CHALLENGER 82-83 D700 D701
CHALLENGER 08-11 D716 D717
CHALLENGER 2012+ D721 D722
CHARGER 66-77 D342 D343
CHARGER 78-88 D434 D435
COLT 79-84 D606 D607
COLT 85-88 D872 D873
COLT 89-92 D946 N/A
CORONET 66-74 D342 D343
DART 67-80 D432 D433
DART 13-16 D464 D465
DAYTONA 83-86 D712 D713
DAYTONA 87-88 D900 D901
DEMON 70-75 D432 D433
INTREPID 92-00 D1048 D1049
MEDALLION 88+ D734 D735
NEON 94-02 C22056 C22056
NEON 03-05 E22066 E22066
OMNI (Adapts to stock) A22025 A22025
OMNI D434 D435
RAMPAGE 81-84 D434 D435
SHADOW 87-88 D712 D713
SHADOW 89-94 D900 D901
STEALTH 90-96 D996 D997
STRATUS 95-00 D1156 D1157
VIPER 96-02 D1140 D1140
DODGE (truck) Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
CARAVAN 84-93 D608 D609
CARAVAN 94-96 D794 D795
CARAVAN 96-98 D1220 D1221
D-50 PICKUP 79-85 (2WD) C22029 C22029
D-50 PICKUP 79-85 (4WD) D444 D445
DAKOTA 87-92 (OEM Bucket) D910 D911
DAKOTA 87-92 (OEM Bench) F920 BENCH
DAKOTA 91-96 (OEM Bucket) D1062 D1063
DAKOTA 97-04 D1134 D1135
DAKOTA 05-11 E2010 E2011
DURANGO 98-03 E2010 E2011
RAM CHARGER 77-84 D660 D661
RAM CHARGER 85-91 D670 D670
RAM CHARGER 92-93 D670 D1071
RAM PICKUP STD CAB 94-02 (OEM Bucket, Adapts to Stock) E1094NS E1095NS
RAM PICKUP EXT CAB 94-02 (OEM Bucket) D786 D787
RAM PICKUP STD CAB 94-02 (OEM Bucket) D778 D779
RAM PICKUP 03-09 (Adapts to Stock) E2082NS E2083NS
RAM PICKUP 03-18 (Complete) E2282 E2283
VAN 71-80 D614 D614
VAN 81-94 D616 D616
EAGLE Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
TALON 90-94 D980 D981
TALON 95-97 D1096 D1097
FERRARI Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
308 GTB/S E230 E230
MODENA E2080 E2080
FIAT Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
124 SPIDER D242 D242
131 BRAVA D246 D246
500 E2180 E2181
FORD (car) Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
CAPRI I UP TO 72 D292 D292
CAPRI I 73-74 D294 D295
CAPRI II 75-77 D296 D297
CAPRI 78-80 D828 D828
CONTOUR 96-00 D1154 D1155
COUGAR 66-70 D266 D266
COUGAR 84-87 D556 D557
COUGAR 99-02 D1154 D1155
COUPE 34 D102 D103
CROWN VICTORIA 85-91 (Adapts to Stock) D720NS D720NS
CROWN VICTORIA 87-95 D1078 D1079
CROWN VICTORIA 97-05 E1216 E1217
ESCORT 83-90 D262 D263
ESCORT 91-99 D986 D987
ESCORT 00-03 E2004 E2005
EXP 81-87 D264 D265
FAIRLANE 66-70 D118 D119
FALCON 65 D240 D241
FESTIVA 88-97 D912 N/A
FIESTA 11-19 E2188 E2189
FOCUS 00-10 E2008 E2009
FOCUS 11+ E2088 E2089
LTD 79-86 D556 D557
MERKUR 85-87 D876 D877
MERKUR 88-89 D944 D945
MUSTANG 65-70 D266 D266
MUSTANG 65-70 (Adapts to Stock) A22049 A22049
MUSTANG 71-73 D276 D276
MUSTANG 74-77 D256 D257
MUSTANG 78-98 D828 D828
MUSTANG 78-98 (Adapts to Stock) A22021 A22021
MUSTANG 99-04 E1302 E1303
MUSTANG 05-14 E1602 E1603
MUSTANG 15+ E1702 E1703
MYSTIQUE D1154 D1155
PINTO 71-74 D252 D253
PINTO 75-80 D254 D255
PROBE 88-92 D938 D939
PROBE 93-97 D982 D983
SABLE 86-95 D826 D827
SEDAN 37-40 (2 Door) F238 BENCH
TAURUS 86-95 D826 D827
TAURUS 96-00 D1130 D1131
TEMPO 83-94 D600 D601
THUNDERBIRD 83-86 D556 D557
THUNDERBIRD 94-96 D1066 D1067
TOPAZ 83-87 D600 D601
TORINO 68-70 D118 D119
TORINO 71-74 D234 D235
TOWNCAR 91 (Adapts to Stock) D1080NS D1080NS
TOWNCAR 91-97 E1078 E1079
TRACER 91-93 D986 D987
TRACER 96-97 (Adapts to Stock) D1152NS D1152NS
FORD (truck) Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
BRONCO 66-77 C22055L C22055R
BRONCO 66-77 (36" Rear Baja Bench) C22201 BENCH
BRONCO 66-77 (40" Rear Baja Bench) C22240 BENCH
BRONCO 78-79 (P/S Adapts to Stock) D272 D273
BRONCO 80-88 (Complete) D552 D553
BRONCO 80-88 (P/S Adapts to Stock) D552 A22062
BRONCO 89-96 (Complete) D950 D951
BRONCO 89-96 (P/S Adapts to Stock) D950 D855NS
BRONCO II 83-85 D652 D653
BRONCO II 86-90 (Complete) D854 D799
BRONCO II 86-90 (P/S Adapts to Stock) D854 D855NS
COURIER 73-77 D268 D269
COURIER 78-81 D310 D311
EXCURSION 00-05 E1304 E1305
EXPEDITION 96-03 E1122 E1123
EXPLORER 90-91 D950 D951
EXPLORER 92-01 D1026 D1027
PICKUP F100-F350 73-82 (OEM Bench) F274 BENCH
PICKUP F100-F350 83-93 (OEM Bench) D558 D559
PICKUP F100-F350 83-95 (OEM Bench) F554 BENCH
PICKUP F100-F350 83-95 (OEM Bucket) D554BU D555BU
PICKUP CREW CAB 83-91 (OEM Bucket) D578 D579
PICKUP EXT CAB F150 90-95 D950 D951
PICKUP EXT CAB 92+ (OEM Bucket) D1012 D1013
PICKUP CREW CAB 93-95 (OEM Bucket) D1012 D1013
PICKUP STD CAB 95-97 (OEM Bucket) D554BU D555BU
PICKUP F150 96-01 (OEM Bench) F1128 BENCH
PICKUP EXT CAB 96-03 (3 Door, OEM 60/40 Bench) E1122 E1123
PICKUP F150 SUPER CREW 03-07 E1122 E1123
PICKUP SUPER DUTY 99-10 E1304 E1305
RANCHERO 68-70 D234 D235
RANCHERO 71-74 (OEM Bucket) D452 D453
RANCHERO 71-74 (OEM Bench) D538 D539
RANCHERO 75-78 D136 D137
RANGER PICKUP 83-85 C22038L C22038R
RANGER PICKUP 86-93 (P/S Adapts to Stock) D854 D855NS
RANGER EXT CAB 93-97 D1026 D1027
RANGER STD CAB 93-01 D1044 D1045
RANGER EXT CAB 98-05 E2018 E2019
FORD (van) Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
AEROSTAR (Floor Mount) 88-97 D844 D845
AEROSTAR (Pedestal Mount) 86-93 D878 D879
VAN (Floor Mount) 75-90 D820 D821
VAN (Pedestal Mount) 75-85 D906 D906
WINDSTAR 95-01 D1132 D1132
GEO Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
METRO 90-91 (4 Door) D998 D999
PRIZM 90-91 E1108 E1109
HONDA Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
ACCORD 79-82 D280 D280
ACCORD 83-85 D560 D560
ACCORD 86 D832 D833
ACCORD 88-89 D928 D929
ACCORD 90-91 D976 D977
ACCORD 92-93 D1032 D1033
ACCORD 94-97 D1106 D1107
ACCORD 98-02 (2 Door) D1218 D1219
ACCORD 98-02 (4 Door) E1222 E1223
ACCORD 03-07 E1226 E1227
CR-V 97-01 E2012 E2013
CRX 84-87 C22054 C22054
CRX 88 D904 D905
CRX 89-91 D966 D967
CIVIC 79-82 D280 D280
CIVIC 82-83 D282 D282
CIVIC 84-86 D612 D612
CIVIC WAGON 80-83 D282 D282
CIVIC WAGON 84-86 D636 D637
CIVIC HATCHBACK 88-89 (Adapts to Stock) D954NS D955NS
CIVIC 90-91 (4 Door) D1010 D1011
CIVIC 92-95 D1046 D1047
CIVIC 96-00 D1126 D1127
CIVIC ALL EXC HB SI 01-05 E2024 E2025
CIVIC SI HATCHBACK 02-05 E2062 E2063
CIVIC 06-11 E2112 E2113
CIVIC 12-15 E1116 E1117
CIVIC 2016+ (4 Door) E2166 E2167
DEL SOL 93-97 D1114 D1115
ELEMENT 03-11 E2070 E2071
FIT 07-7/08 E2116 E2117
FIT 8/08-13 E2148 E2149
INSIGHT 00-09 E2114 E2115
ODYSSEY 95-98 D1160 D1161
PRELUDE 80-82 D282 D282
PRELUDE 88-91 D936 D937
PRELUDE 92-96 D1146 D1147
PRELUDE 97-01 E1306 E1307
S2000 00-05 E2028 E2029
S2000 06-09 E2140 E2141
HYUNDAI Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
ELANTRA 03-06 E2078 E2079
EXCEL 88-94 D774 D775
GENESIS COUPE 10-16 E2162 E2163
TIBURON 97-01 E1508 E1509
TIBURON 03-08 E1504 E1505
VELOSTER 12-18 E2184 E2185
VELOSTER 19+ E2186 E2187
INFINITI Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
G35 02-07 E2076 E2077
G37 COUPE 08+ E2128 E2129
G20 99-02 E1298 E1299
I30 96-99 D1136 D1137
Q45 11/89+ E1232 N/A
INTERNATIONAL Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
SCOUT E290 E291
SCOUT II E22063 E22063
ISUZU Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
AMIGO 89-94 D958 D959
I-MARK 90-93 D856 D857
IMPULSE 83-89 D858 D859
PICKUP 81-82 (OEM Bench) F940 BENCH
PICKUP 83-88 (OEM Bench) C22042L C22042R
PICKUP 88-94 (OEM Bucket) D958 D959
RODEO 90-94 D958 D959
TROOPER 92-97 D1074 D1075
JEEP Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
CHEROKEE/PIONEER 84-94 (Adapts to Stock) D752NS D752NS
CHEROKEE/SPORT 95-01 E1124 E1125
CHEROKEE/SPORT 95-01 (Adapts to Stock) D1092NS D1093NS
GRAND CHEROKEE 93-98 D1018 D1019
GRAND CHEROKEE 93-98 (Adapts to Stock) D1042NS D1043NS
GRAND CHEROKEE 99-04 D1138 D1139
GRAND WAGONEER 79-87 D610 D611
J-10 PICKUP 75 D604 D611
LIBERTY 02-07 E1500 E1501
PICKUP (COMANCHE) 74-92 D848 D849
CJ5 73-75 F101 BENCH
CJ5 76-84 D122 D123
CJ5 76-84 (Adapts to Stock) C22027 C22027
CJ7 76-86 D124 D125
CJ7 76-86 (Adapts to Stock) C22027 C22027
YJ 87-90 D124 D125
YJ 91-95 D1038 D1039
YJ 87-95 (Adapts to Stock) C22027 C22027
CJ 76-84 (36" Rear Baja Bench) B36221 BENCH
CJ/YJ 85-95 (36" Rear Baja Bench) B36001 BENCH
TJ 97-02 E1118 E1119
TJ 97-02 (Adapts to Stock) D1120NS E1121NS
TJ 97-02 (Baja Adapter) C22006L C22006R
TJ 03-06 E22092 E22093
TJ 03-06 (Adapts to Stock) E2050NS E2051NS
TJ 40" Baja Bench Rear Seat Bracket 97-06 B40001 BENCH
JK 07-10 (2 Door) E22089L E22089R
JK 11-18 (2 Door) E22099L E22099R
JK 07-14 (4 Door) E22089L E22089R
JK 15-18 (4 Door) E22079L E22079R
JL 2018+ (2 & 4 Door) E22044L E22044R
KIA Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
RIO 01-04 E1230 E1231
RIO 05-10 E1228 E1229
SEPHIA 01+ E1224 E1225
SPECTRA 01-04 E1224 E1225
LAND ROVER Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
DEFENDER 94+ D1084 D1084
DISCOVERY 95-04 (Adapts to Stock) D1100NS D1100NS
LEXUS Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
GS 300 97-04 E2132 E2133
GX 470 03-09 E2150 E2151
IS300 E2040 E2041
LS400 SEDAN 90-95 E1004 E1005
SC 300 92-00 D792 D793
MASERATI Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
BITURBO 84 E640 E641
MAZDA Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
3 / Speed3 04-13 E2122 E2123
03/14/18 E2130 E2131
5 06+ E2108 E2109
06/03/06 E22064 E22065
323 86-87 D814 D815
323 88-93 (2WD) D986 D987
323 88-91 (4WD) D984 D985
626 82 D314 D315
626 83-86 D302MA D302MA
GLC 77 D316 D316
GLC 78-84 D318 D319
MIATA 90-97 C22060L C22060R
MIATA 98-04 E22060SBL E22060SBR
MX-5 MIATA 05-14 E2152 E2153
MX-3 90-94 D986 D987
MX-6 88-92 D938 D939
MX-6 93-99 D982 D983
PICKUP 78-85 D770 D771
PICKUP 86-92 C22040L C22040R
PICKUP B4000 93-97 D1044 D1045
PROTEGE 90-94 D986 D987
PROTEGE 99-03 E2044 E2045
RX-3 73 D300MA D300MA
RX-7 78-85 C22010L C22010R
RX-7 86-91 C22039L C22039R
RX-7 93-95 E1506 E1507
RX-8 03-11 E2074 E2075
MERCEDES-BENZ Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
200 76+ D320 D321
230 C E2048 E2049
280 C 1974 D308 D308
280 SE 68-70 D320 D321
280 76+ D322 D323
300 CD 1980 D320 D321
300 D D320 D321
300 TD WAGON 84+ D320 D321
350 SL 71-73 D324 D325
380 SL 84+ D324 D325
450 SEL 73-79 D320 D321
450 SL 74-93 D324 D325
500 SL 85+ D324 D325
560 SL 86+ D324 D325
SLK 230 E2050 E2051
MINI COOPER Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
MINI 66-00 E448 E449
MINI 02-07 E2058 E2059
MITSUBISHI Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
3000 GT 91-01 D996 D997
CORIDA 83-88 D868 D869
CONQUEST 84-86 D870 D871
DIAMANTE 91-05 D1034 D1035
ECLIPSE 90-94 D980 D981
ECLIPSE 95-99 D1096 D1097
ECLIPSE 00-05 E2002 E2003
ECLIPSE 06-11 E2106 E2107
GALANT 85-88 D882 D883
GALANT 99-03 E2002 E2003
LANCER/EVOLUTION 01-05 E2036 E2037
LANCER/EVOLUTION 08-16 E2136 E2137
MIRAGE 85-88 D872 D873
MIRAGE 89-90 D946 N/A
MIRAGE 97-04 E2034 E2035
PICKUP 79-87 (OEM Bench) F890 BENCH
PICKUP 2X4 79-85 D446 D447
PICKUP 4X4 79-85 D444 D445
STARION 83-89 D870 D871
NISSAN Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
200SX 80-83 D222 D223
200SX 95-99 D232 D233
240SX 89-97 D960 D961
240Z 69-74 C22011 C22011
260Z 74-75 D212 D212
260Z 76-78 (Mounting Dimensions Needed) D214 D214
280Z/ZX 76-78 (Mounting Dimensions Needed) D212 D212
280Z 76-78 (Mounting Dimensions Needed) D206 D207
280Z 76-78 (Mounting Dimensions Needed) D208 D209
280Z/ZX 79-83 D216 D217
300ZX 83-89 D750 D751
300ZX 90-96 C22053 C22053
350Z 03-08 E2066 E2067
370Z 09+ E2164 E2165
510 68-73 C22032L C22032R
510 79+ D218 D219
ALTIMA 92-98 C22061L C22061R
ALTIMA 99-01 E2016 E2017
ALTIMA 02-06 E22067L E22067R
ARMADA 04+ E2072 E2073
B 210 75-79 D724 D725
FRONTIER 97-04 D1212 D1213
GTR E2146 E2147
MAXIMA 85-89 D762 D763
MAXIMA 90-93 D1002 D1003
MAXIMA 95-99 D1136 D1137
MAXIMA 00-03 E2000 E2001
MAXIMA 10/03+ E1296 E1297
PATHFINDER 91-95 C22022L C22022R
PICKUP 80-85 C22031 C22031
PICKUP 86-97 C22022L C22022R
PULSAR 82+ D812 D813
SENTRA 82-86 D812 D813
SENTRA 87-89 D892 D893
SENTRA 90 D1016 D1017
SENTRA 91-94 D1020 D1021
SENTRA 95-99 D232 D233
SENTRA 00-03 E2000 E2001
SENTRA 08+ E2138 E2139
SKYLINE GT-R (RHD) 89-98 D968 D969
STANZA 82-86 D810 D811
STANZA 92 D1036 D1037
TITAN 04-15 E2072 E2073
XTERRA 00-04 D1212 D1213
OLDSMOBILE Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
BRAVADA 89-92 C22033L C22033R
CALAIS 85-90 D202 D203
CIERA 82-86 D170 D171
CUTLASS 68-72 (OEM Bucket) D504 D505
CUTLASS 73-77 (OEM Bucket) D732 D733
CUTLASS 78-89 (OEM Bucket) D182 D182
FIRENZA 82-97 D202 D203
OMEGA 80-84 D180 D181
OPEL Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
PEUGEOT Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
PEUGEOT 85-89 D718 N/A
PLYMOUTH Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
BARRACUDA 65-69 (Measure) D344 D345
BARRACUDA 65-69 (Measure) D340 D341
BARRACUDE 70-75 D760 D761
BELVEDERE 66-74 D342 D343
CHAMP 79 D606 D607
CONQUEST 83-89 D870 D871
DUSTER 70-75 D432 D433
FURY 75-78 D342 D343
FURY III 68-74 D342 D343
HORIZON 78-90 D434 D435
LASER 83-86 D712 D713
LASER 87-89 D900 D901
LASER 90-94 D980 D981
MOPAR 71-74 D760 D761
NEW YORKER 66-74 D342 D343
NEWPORT 66-74 D342 D343
PICKUP ARROW 4X4 79-82 D446 D447
PICKUP ARROW 4X4 79-82 D444 D445
PICKUP ARROW C22029 C22029
PT CRUISER 01-10 E2030 E2031
RELIANT 81-87 D430 D431
ROAD RUNNER 68-74 D342 D343
ROAD RUNNER 75-78 D706 D707
SAPORRO 78-80 D692 D693
SAPORRO 81-83 D700 D701
SATELLITE 66-74 D342 D343
SCAMP 67-75 D432 D433
SCAMP 83-88 D434 D435
SUNDANCE 87-90 D712 D713
TURISMO 78-90 D434 D435
VALIANT 67-75 D432 D433
VAN 71-80 D614 D614
VAN 81-93 D616 D616
VOLARE 76-80 D706 D707
VOYAGER 84-93 D608 D609
VOYAGER 94-97 D794 D795
VOYAGER 98-99 D1220 D1221
PONTIAC Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
BONNEVILLE 96-98 D1210 D1211
FIERO 84-88 D800 D801
FIREBIRD 67-69 D204 D205
FIREBIRD 70-74 D176 D176
FIREBIRD 75-79 C22034L C22034R
FIREBIRD 80-81 C22018L C22018R
FIREBIRD 82-92 C22024L C22024R
FIREBIRD 93-02 D1068 D1069
G5 06+ E2090 E2091
GRAND AM 86-94 D202 D203
GRAND AM 95-97 (Adapts to Stock) D1150NS D1150NS
GRAND PRIX 78-87 (OEM Bench) D184 D185
GRAND PRIX 78-87 (OEM Bucket) D182 D182
GRAND PRIX 88-91 E714 E715
GTO 64-67 D512 D512
GTO 68-72 D504 D505
GTO 5.7 04-06 E2094 E2095
J1000 81+ D746 D747
J2000 82+ D202 D203
J6000 82+ D170 D171
LEMANS 68-72 D504 D505
LEMANS 78-87 (OEM Bench) D184 D185
LEMANS 78-87 (OEM Bucket) D182 D182
PHOENIX 80+ D180 D181
SUNBIRD 80-97 D202 D203
SUNFIRE 95-05 D202 D203
TRANS AM 93-02 D1068 D1069
VENTURA 68-74 D506 D507
VENTURA 75-79 D186 D187
VIBE 02+ E2064 E2065
PORSCHE Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
356A 58-61 D354 D355
356 62-65 D356 D357
911/912 65-73 C22014 C22014
911/912E 74-89 C22059 C22059
911 90+ (w/Seat Belt) D244SB D245SB
911 99+ E1312 E1313
914 A22052 A22052
924 74+ C22059 C22059
928 78+ C22059 C22059
944/930 78+ (w/Harness) C22059 C22059
944/930 78+ (w/Seat Belt) D244SB D245SB
996 99+ E1312 E1313
BOXSTER 99+ E1312 E1313
CAYMAN 06+ E1312 E1313
RENAULT Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
LE CAR 76+ D360 D361
SAAB Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
900 79-81 D366 D367
900/Turbo 82+ D368 D369
900 87+ D896 D369
900S 92 D1142 N/A
9-2X 05+ E2038 E2039
SATURN Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
ION 04+ E2090 E2091
SC-1/SC-2 94-02 D1056 D1057
VUE 04+ E2086 E2086
SCION Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
FRS E2182 E2183
TC 04-10 E22090L E22090R
XA/XB 03-07 E2060 E2061
XB 08+ E2160 E2161
SUBARU Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
BRZ E2182 E2183
CROSSTREK 13-17 E2110 E2111
FORESTER 97-01 D1208 D1209
FORESTER 02-07 E2038 E2039
FORESTER 08-12 E2100 E2101
FORESTER 13-18 E2110 E2111
IMPREZA 97-01 D1208 D1209
JUSTY 89-94 (Adapts to Stock) D956NS D957NS
LEGACY 88-99 D978 D979
LEGACY 00-04 D1208 D1209
LEGACY 05-09 E2100 E2101
OUTBACK 95-99 D978 D979
OUTBACK 00-04 D1208 D1209
RS SEDAN/WAGON 97-00 D1208 D1209
WRX 01-07 E2038 E2039
WRX/IMPREZA/STI 08-14 E2100 E2101
WRX/IMPREZA/STI 15+ E2110 E2111
XT 6 87 D822 D823
SUZUKI Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
SAMURAI C22030L C22030R
SWIFT 93 D998 D999
TOYOTA Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
CAMRY 84-88 D708 D709
CAMRY 89-91 D974 D975
CAMRY 97-01 E1300 E1301
CAMRY 02-06 E2142 E2143
CAMRY/WAGON 92-96 D1014 D1015
CELICA 75-77 D626 D627
CELICA 78-81 D374 D375
CELICA 82-85 C22041L C22041R
CELICA 86-92 D842 D843
CELICA 86-89 (FWD) D838 D839
CELICA/GT 90-93 D992 N/A
CELICA 94-99 E1112 E1113
CELICA 00-05 E2014 E2015
COROLLA 71-75 D628 D628
COROLLA 76-79 D400 D401
COROLLA 80-83 D372 D373
COROLLA FWD 84-87 D864 D865
COROLLA/GTS 85-87 D802 D803
COROLLA 88-89 D930 D930
COROLLA 90-92 D1008 D1009
COROLLA 93-02 D1206 D1207
COROLLA 03-08 E2064 E2065
CORONA 78+ D370 D371
CRESSIDA 86-87 D702 D703
LANDCRUISER FJ40 70-8/73 D598 D599
LANDCRUISER FJ40 9/73-78 D618 D619
LANDCRUISER FJ40 79-83 (OEM Bucket) D590 D590
LANDCRUISER FJ60/62 80-4/86 D634 D635
LANDCRUISER FJ60/62 5/86-90 D924 D925
LANDCRUISER FJ80 90-97 D988 D989
FJ CRUISER 06-14 E2102 E2103
MATRIX 02-06 E2064 E2065
MR2 85-90 D766 D767
MR2 91-95 D1158 D1159
MR2 SPYDER 00-07 E2006 E2007
PASEO 92-99 D1028 D1029
PICKUP 79-83 C22028 C22028
PICKUP 84-88 C22023L C22023R
PICKUP 89-95 C22046L C22046R
PRIUS 04-05 E2084 E2085
PRIUS 06-07 E2084 N/A
4RUNNER 79-83 C22028 C22028
4RUNNER 84-89 C22023L C22023R
4RUNNER 90-95 D952 D953
4RUNNER 96-02 D1204 D1205
4RUNNER 03-09 E2102 E2103
RAV4 94-03 D1144 D1145
SIENNA VAN 04-10 E2104 N/A
SOLARA 98-03 E1300 E1301
STARLET 84-89 D642 D643
SUPRA 82-85 C22041L C22041R
SUPRA 86-92 D842 D843
SUPRA 93-98 E792 E793
T-100 EX CAB 95-98 (OEM Bucket) D972 D973
T-100 EX CAB 95-98 (OEM 60/40 Bench) E1088 E1089
TACOMA 95-04 (OEM Bench) D1102 D1103
TACOMA 95-04 (OEM 60/40 Bench/Bucket) E1104 E1105
TACOMA 2005-2015 E2102 E2103
TACOMA 2016+ E2120 E2121
TERCEL 80-82 D304 D305
TERCEL 83-87 D564 D565
TERCEL 88-90 D898 N/A
TERCEL 96-00 D1028 D1029
TUNDRA 00-06 E2026 E2027
YARIS 05+ E2118 E2119
UNIVERSAL Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
1" TALL C22059 C22059
2" TALL C22003 C22003
4-7" TALL C22005 C22005
36"/42" Baja Bench Universal Seat Bracket C22009 BENCH
40" Baja Bench Universal Seat Bracket C22240 BENCH
VOLKSWAGEN Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
BUG 48-55 D364 D365
BUG 56-70 C380 C381
BUG/SUPER BEETLE 71-72 C384 C385
BUG 73-79 C382 C382
BUG 98-11 E1308 E1309
BEETLE 2012+ E2126 E2127
CORRADO 90-93 C22019L C22019L
DASHER D132 D132
FOX 88+ D132 D132
GOLF 86-92 C22019 C22019
GOLF 93-95 D1064S D1065S
GOLF 96-99 D1064S D1065L
GOLF 00-05 E1308 E1309
GOLF 06-14 E2126 E2127
JETTA 82-96 C22019 C22019
JETTA 93-95 D1064S D1065S
JETTA 96-99 D1064S D1065L
JETTA 00-05 E1308 E1309
JETTA 06-14 E2126 E2127
KARMAN GHIA 58-6/69 D396 D397
KARMAN GHIA 7/69-74 D398 D399
PASSAT 93-99 D1064S D1065L
PASSAT 00+ E2032 E2033
PICKUP C22019 C22019
QUANTUM C22019 C22019
RABBIT 84-92 C22019 C22019
RABBIT 93-95 D1064S D1065S
RABBIT 96-99 D1064S D1065L
RABBIT 00-05 E1308 E1309
RABBIT 06-14 E2126 E2127
SCIROCCO 78-81 D388 D388
SCIROCCO 82+ C22019 C22019
SQUAREBACK 61-71 D394 D395
SQUAREBACK 72+ D284 D284
VOLVO Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
122/124 E410 E410
760 GLE 83-88 D566 D567
850 96 E2198 N/A
242/244/264 78-86 D412 D413
P1800 D490 D491




  • Mounting Brackets
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Corbeau
  • New


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  • 15.0 lbs.
  • W22.0000” x H22.0000” x L10.0000”
  • $15.00
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