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Injector Dynamics ID1700 Fuel Injectors Corvette C6 ZR1/Z06/LS7/LS9

This is a set of 8 Injector Dynamics ID1700 fuel injectors. Direct fitment for Corvette C6 ZR1/Z06/LS7/LS9.

Nominal Flow Rate – 1725cc/min @ 43.5 psi (3 Bar)
Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 101.5 psi (7 Bar)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible with Methanol/Ethanol/All Known Hydrocarbon Fuels
Electrical Connector – EV6 / USCAR
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Included: 8 Injector Dynamics ID1700 fuel injectors. The photo is an example of a similar set.

After nearly two years of development totaling 18 different iterations, Injector Dynamics is proud to release the ID1700, a true Motorsport injector from the unique partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport. The ID1700 was designed to fill the gap between the ID1300 and the ID2000, and like the ID1300, it features corrosion resistant internals making it compatible with all known automotive fuels. A unique magnetic circuit, resulting from a lengthy development program, makes the ID1700 immune to voltage and pressure sensitivity problems that plague other high impedance high flow injectors. The ID1700 excels at high pressures typical of current automotive systems, and will perform flawlessly in these applications.

The ID1700 was designed to be an all fuel compatible injector, capable of very high flow rates. As such, it will most often be used to deliver E85 to boosted engines, or occasionally, gasoline in extreme high horsepower applications. Neither of these applications requires extended linearity at low flow rates, and so this was given a proportionately lower priority during the design process. The ID1700 will deliver flawless stoichiometric idle and cruise mixtures on E85, but like the ID2000, should not be expected to do so on gasoline. If you need flawless drivability on gasoline, the ID1300 will provide this, and is capable of approximately 150hp per injector on E85.

These Injector Dynamics fuel injectors will fit many applications, including, but not limited to:

Corvette C6 ZR1/Z06/LS7/LS9

Typical Flow Rate in CC per minute: 1725cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Iso Octane at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F)
Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 7.0 Bar (101.5 psi)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible with Methanol / Ethanol / All Known Hydrocarbon Fuels
Electrical connector type: EV6 / USCAR
Injector Body Design: Metal and composite plastic
O-Rings Included: Yes, on the injectors
Length of injector from o-ring to o-ring: 34mm
Diameter of top o-ring / fuel rail bore: 14mm
Diameter or style lower o-ring or cushion: 15mm - late model GM lower o-ring

Injector Dynamics Data:

Are you tired of pouring over logs, making corresponding changes to your tune, only to find that what worked one day is off by the next? Have you wasted hours sifting through a myriad of injector related forum posts, only to find that there is no simple solution? Such is the nature of tuning with inaccurate injector data. Accurate injector characterizations are the basis of all fueling calculations, so it’s no wonder that if you’re tuning without them, you will spend a lot of valuable time making the best of a bad situation. It will keep you busy searching for endless combinations of mostly incorrect answers, and it will rob you of the most basic functions provided by the guys who spent millions of R&D dollars designing the engine management system for your car. Whether you are a professional tuner, or an end user, you can spend countless hours getting it “mostly correct” or you can copy and paste accurate characterization tables and get on with the job of maximizing performance and drivability. Injector Dynamics is the only motorsport injector supplier capable of generating these OEM quality injector characterizations, and our engineering services are available to generate data for new platforms and applications at no cost to our customers.

The data below is in a constant state of improvement, so if you are a regular user, check back often for updates. If you have any issues downloading, or using the data, or would like to inquire about developing data for a new application, feel free to contact us directly.

General Motors:
ID1700 GM Characterization Tables – EFI Live – Updated 6-23-2015
ID1700 GM Characterization Tables – HP Tuners – Updated 6-23-2015

Slope and Offset vs. Pressure data available upon request. The ID1700 is not the same injector as the Bosch 0 280 158 333 or the 0 280 158 334 that Bosch Aftermarket released earlier this year. The 333 and 334 are identical, with the exception of the ASNU2000 label on the 334. The 334 is sold exclusively to ASNU in the UK, while the 333 is available to anyone through standard aftermarket channels. Depending on who is selling it, the flow is claimed to be anywhere from 1500cc/min to 1650cc/min. Our tests show 1550cc/min, and Bosch has confirmed that these numbers are within specification. The 333/334 quickly received a bad name in the market due to unrealistic claims about idle and driveability on gasoline, and its ability to operate at high pressure. Because of these unrealistic claims, disappointed customers have taken to the internet to voice their opinion. This is bad for the Bosch name, which Injector Dynamics is committed to protecting, and bad for the entire market because potential customers are then rightly skeptical about claims made by any company. It is critical that the capabilities of the ID1700 be presented accurately and truthfully. This is a cornerstone of the Injector Dynamics philosophy, one of many reasons that Injector Dynamics products are well received, and in demand. Please contact us directly for more details about these new ID1700 injectors including the design process and more specifications - 1-760-586-5617


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